Artificially Enhancing Natural Beauty

While beauty begins on the inside of a person, there is no reason to ignore it. A wholesome look is always nice, but sometimes sophistication is appreciated. Makeup is a good way to enhance facial features. This is the same as wearing good clothes to achieve a desired look. It is a form of art with the body as the canvas. Creating a preferred look with makeup may be crucial to a special event. A first date, a wedding or a family gathering might not be the same without that bit of artifice to support a person.

Enhancing facial features needs to be done correctly or it will appear completely artificial. While this is desirable in some cases, many times it is not. A person wants to look their best without appearing to have spent hours changing the way they look. Taking the time to learn the proper way to use makeup is important. A beauty makeup artist is a person who can either teach the basics of this art or do the makeup for a special event.

Applying makeup is not an exact science. People come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The color of their apparel and the finished look must be taken into consideration. A picnic on a special Sunday afternoon requires a very different look than an awards banquet on a Saturday evening. Even if the same person is attending both these events, the makeup will be different.

There are several basic ways to enhance facial features with makeup. Smoothing out the skin with a good foundation is always the first step. Applying color to the eye lids, lips and cheekbones are the next steps. Enhancing the beauty of the eyelashes with mascara may be the only additional enhancement necessary for makeup to be complete. Each part of this color palette must match and blend together. The makeup must also match the season of the year and the clothes to be worn. A wholesome look on a Sunday afternoon requires very little color on the eyelids and light rouge on the cheekbones. The awards banquet in the evening requires darker rouge and a bold color to match whatever the person is wearing for a beautifully sophisticated look.